Outdoor Fire Hydrant
Guangbo Brand Mainly Fire Fighting Equipment as bellow:

1. Automatic Fire sprinklers and Firefighting parts (Water spray nozzle / water curtain nozzle / Vertical / Pendant / Sidewall / Concealed fire sprinkler);

2. Alarm Valve series (wet alarm valve / rain alarm valve / Pre-action automatic sprinkler Extinguishing system);

3. Outdoor Fire Hydrant: SS type ground fire hydrant / anti-collision pressure regulating type ground fire hydrant / SA type underground fire hydrant / SQS type ground fire pump adapter fire pump adapter;

Indoor Fire Hydrant ( Rotary Type / Decompression Regulator Type / Rotary Regulator Type / Siamese Regulator Type );

4. Fire gate valve series / Fire butterfly valve series (Wafer type butterfly valve / groove type fire signal butterfly valve);

5. Multi-purpose fire pump adapter (SQD ground type / SQD underground multi-purpose)

6. Water Supply Valve Series (Ming Bar Elastic Seat Seal Valve / Dark Bar Elastic Seat Seal Valve / Wire Port Soft Seal Gate Valve)

7. Fire DC water gun / Fire Hydrant box / Fire Extinguisher box / Fire Hose Reel / Fire Hose / Portable Fire Hose;

8. Saddle Flow Indicator (OEM / ODM)

9. Ultrasonic Flow Meter / Flow Switch / Water Hammer Absorber / Pressure Reducing Valve.

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