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Sprinkler Sense Testing Fire Flow Switch

Fire Flow Switch, is for testing the water of sprinkler system.
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    Fire Flow Switch
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Ultrasonic flow meter and flow switch adopt velocity difference method to design general meters for urban water supply pipelines, fire fighting and household metering, which solves the problems of high initial flow rate and non-metering for small flow rate of traditional flow meter and is suitable for various industrial sites.  

When used as a flow switch, the alarm flow signal can be set at will through the data communication interface.  When the flow rate of the flowmeter is greater than the set flow rate value, an on signal will be output to switch on the motor power switch to start the pump.  When the flow rate is less than the set flow rate value, an off signal will be output for turning off the power supply of the motor to achieve the purpose of turning off the pump.  Using ultrasonic flow measurement technology, diameter pipe body design, no pressure loss, no mechanical rotating parts, reduce the cost of enterprise water supply.  The reliability is high, and the measurement is not interfered by magnets.  It has a variety of output functions, is connected with wireless transmission, and can form a monitoring system to monitor the operation of instruments and pipe networks.

Tube inner Diameter
Initial flow
Q3/Q1 Q2/Q1
Minimum flow
Boundary flow
Common flow (m³/h)

Overload flow (m³/h)
DN50 0.040 125 2.5 0.6 1.5 15 40
DN65 0.060 120 2.5 1.0 2.5 25 60
DN80 0.090 112.5 2.5 1.60 4.0 40 80
DN100 0.141 109 2.5 2.52 6.3 63 130
DN125 0.221 115 2.5 4.0 10 100 220
DN150 0.318 93.75 2.5 6.4 16 160 350
DN200 0.565 100 2.5 10 25 250 550
DN250 1.01 100 2.5 16 40 400 800
DN300 1.52 93.75 2.5 25.2 63 630 1000
DN350 1.91 106.25 2.5 40 100 1000 2200
DN400 2.33 110 2.5 64 160 1600 4500
DN450 4.22 107 2.5 100 250 2500 5700
DN500 5.02 109 2.5 160 400 4000 7000
DN600 7.95 111 2.5 252 630 6300 10000
Measured Medium
Water and fill the pipeline under test
level of Accuracy
Level 2
Nominal Diameter
DN50 ~ DN600
Maximum Working Pressure
1.6 MPa
Display Content
Instantaneous flow (m³/h)  Cumulative flow (m³/h)
Display Resolution
Instantaneous flow 0.001m³/h,  Cumulative flow 0.01 m³, Software figure can be adjusted
Display Range
Cumulative flow 0 ~ 999999.99 m³
Data Communication
MODBUS Agreement (optional)
Data Storage
Real-time data storage, power-off protection function
Working Power
3.6V Lithium battery powered

Guangbo don't produce this kind of Fire Flow Switch for fire protection systems, but our company can help buyers to purchase in China, then export with our Guangbo Brand Fire Products. Or buyers can send this product to our warehouse, then export with Guangbo Fire Protection Protection together. It depends on buyer's requirement.

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