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Saddle Zsjz Water Flow Indicator Series for Fire Protection Fighting

Saddle Type Water Flow Indicator, has DN50/65, DN80/100, DN125/150, DN200.

  • Brand:

    GBOCO or Guangbo
  • Item no.:

    Water Flow Indicato
  • Payment:

    T/T, Chinese Agent Transfer RMB, Cash Payment
  • Product origin:

    Fujian, China
  • Color:

    Usually is Red, Popular sell in China
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  • Min order:

    50 Pieces
  • Shipping port:

    Xiamen-Fujian, Or Other Seaport in China
  • Lead Time:

    7-15 days
  • Product Details

Water flow indicator is an auxiliary alarm device in automatic sprinkler system.  Generally, it is installed on the water distribution main pipe or water distribution pipe in each partition of the system, which can convert the signal of water flow into electrical signal, and monitor and alarm the system.  The water flow indicator is composed of a body, a microswitch, a paddle plate, a flange (or thread) tee, etc.  When a fire breaks out in a certain area of the system and the nozzle sprays water, the signal of water flow in the pipe network is converted into an electrical signal to be output and transmitted to the module or the control center to display the fire position so as to realize regional alarm.  When the spray nozzle stops spraying water, the paddle board will automatically return to its service state and the alarm will disappear.

Installation Saddle Type 
1. Nominal Diameter (mm) / Opening Measure DN50, DN65 / 42mm
2. Nominal Diameter (mm) / Opening Measure DN80,DN100,DN125,DN150 / 48MM
3. Nominal Diameter (mm) / Opening Measure DN200 / 723MM
Nominal Working Pressure 1.2 MPa = 12 Bar 
Sensitivity (L/Minute) 15 L/min < Q < 37.5 L/min
Contact Capaciy Rating DC24V, 1A   Or  AC220V, 0.5A
OEM Production Caution Water Flow Indicator's Wattage can be Produced as customer's Local Electric Current Wattage
Water Flow Indicator Parts Ontology,Micro Switch,Paddle board,Thread (or Flange)

Guangbo Brand ZSJZ type water flow indicator is designed according to GB5135.7-2003 "Automatic Sprinkler System Part 7: Water Flow Indicator" standard. It is an alarm device that converts water flow signals into electrical signals in automatic sprinkler system.  It is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment places, hospitals, office buildings, factories, warehouses and other places where water is used to extinguish fires in medium and light dangerous buildings.


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