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Flat Bottom Red Fire Bucket


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    Fire Bucket
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    T/T, Chinese Agent Transfer RMB, Cash Payment
  • Product origin:

    Fujian, China
  • Color:

    Usualy is Red
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  • Shipping port:

    Xiamen-Fujian, Or Other Seaport in China
  • Lead Time:

    7-15 days
  • Product Details
1. Fire bucket is a traditional and effective way to stop a fire in its tracks. 
2. The usage buckets are filled with water, sand or absorbent material in the fire , when accur a fire, people can take out fire buckets directly, then dumped on the fire in order to smother it.
3. The fire buckets are usually bright red and labelled “FIRE” "Fire Phone", so that people are easily visible and so that fire buckets are not used for other purposes. 
4. Fire buckets typically have slightly convex bottoms, the curve of which allows for a more effective launch of water from the bucket. 

5. Using fire buckets requires a different approach than other styles of fire extinguishers, so it is important to learn the proper procedures.

Guangbo don't produce this kind of Fire Broom which is used by firemen, but our company can help buyers to purchase in China, then export with our Guangbo Brand Fire Products. Or buyers can send this product to our warehouse, then export with Guangbo Fire Protection Protection together. It depends on buyer's requirement.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.