Construction project completion acceptance should install Fire Fighting Equipment
Jan 03 , 2021

Why install fire fighting protection equipment, this is protecting lives and property when accur one fire.

Completion acceptance of a construction project refers to the completion of the construction project in accordance with the relevant national laws, regulations, and engineering construction specifications and standards. The construction unit has obtained the relevant government authorities (or its entrusted agency) to issue Organize the project completion acceptance and compile and complete the "Construction Project Completion Acceptance Report" after the acceptance documents or approval documents for the construction quality, fire protection, planning, environmental protection, and urban construction of the project.

For a project of "Hengda" Real Estate, the products purchased from our Guangbo Fire Protection are as follows:

1. Purchase Fire Sprinkler

Upright Fire Sprinkler: 4550 pieces ZSTZ15-68

Pendent Fire Sprinkler: 2760 pieces ZSTX15-68

Decorative Cover: 2760 pieces

Concealed Fire Sprinkler: 430 sets ZSTDY15-68

Sidewall Fire Sprinkler: 205 pieces ZSTBS15-68

2. Fire Alarm Valve System

Wet Alarm Valve: 18 sets

Pre-action automatic sprinkler Extinguishing: 10 sets

Signal Butterfly Valve: 112 pieces

Signal Gate Valve: 112 pieces

Saddle Flow Indicator: 365 pieces

3. Indoor Fire Protection Equipment:

SN65 Fire Hydrant: 370 pieces

Fire Hydrant Cabinet: 370 pieces

Fire Hose: 370 pieces

Hose Reel: 370 pieces

Water Connector: 370 pieces

Coupling: 3470 pieces

Fire Extinguisher Box: 810 pieces store 4kgs

Fire Extinguisher: 1620 pieces

4.Outdoor Water Supply Valves

SS100 Hydrant: 50 sets

SA100 Hydrant: 17 sets

SQS100 Water Pump Adapter: 6 sets

SS150 Hydrant: 20 sets

SA150 Hydrant: 3 sets

SQS150 Water Pump Adapter: 5 sets

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