Foam Fire Extinguishing System
Jan 06 , 2021

PHYM series pressure foam proportioning device is composed of foam tank, proportioning mixer, water inlet pipe and other parts. It is the main equipment of foam extinguishing system.

PZBS closed foam water sprinkler device is organically combined with the automatic sprinkler system and the pressure foam proportioning device. When the fire occurs, the automatic sprinkling system starts.

Foam sprinkler is a fire extinguishing equipment that produces and sprays air foam. The foam mixture is transported to the foam nozzle through the pipeline, and the air is inhaled at the outlet of the foam nozzle to form air foam.

Semi fixed foam extinguishing device, on the basis of the original pressure air foam proportioning device, our company has developed a new mobile foam trolley, which is made of impact resistant FRP material. It has the features of beautiful appearance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, good integrity, convenient movement, and convenient operation.

Horizontal foam generator

The foam generator is usually fixed on the wall of the oil tank. When the foam liquid with a certain mixing ratio is passing through the generator, a large amount of air is injected into the foam, and the foam is sprayed to the surface of the burning liquid to extinguish the fire.

PS series foam hydrant is one of the important devices of foam extinguishing system. It is especially suitable for large area of fire hazard like the production, storage and use area of flammable liquids or inflammable objects. It is installed on the preset pipeline in the protection area.When fire occurs,the foam fire hydrant opens the stuffing cover, connects with the fire hose, opens the ball valve, and transfers foam liquid to the foam generator.

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